Saturday, May 19, 2007

IMMMMM BACKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey there fellow followers Im back and thats great to your advantage"wink" "wink" if you know what I mean. anyways so I am no longer a brown head I am currently a blonde head and I am not referring to it as a gross pimple in the middle of your forehead I am talking about my hair so here it is so what do you guys think??? anyways I am going to go and watch law and order definately one of my fave tv shows xox love ya guys lotss xox

Saturday, April 14, 2007

a day with my baby

today I ditched my mom so I could spend the day with my baby - before you get all upset its not actually my baby, it is the mavens but I am claiming him mine up until about he learns how to say no then I will feel free to give him back to the maven. The maven and I had made a date plan because we wanted to have a hockey night(day) at mavens shich actually was lots of fun (I was thinking it was going to be boring because the maven isn't a very fun person to be with for excess amounts of time) .... I mean I love you maven you a a bundle of joy to be with LOL!! so we had a pretty good day in the end we had a bbq, hung with the boys, watched the hockey game and acted like men ie. scratched our ass talked about "chicks" burped farted you know the generall stuff men like to do lol then after the game we had a bbq with no name burgers which surprisinly tasted amazingly like harveys and we had caesar salad with that then after that we went on a leisurly walk to the "new" park as the boys like to call it the I came back home to my lovely mother and now I am making yummy minestrone soup with my mommy I got the great recipe in cooking class anyways later days xox AAngel xox

Saturday, March 24, 2007

BOY, do I ever know how to have a day...

This is how my day woke me up at noon, and I was crabby, I think I already decided to have a day. have you ever started your day that way?? you know you have a half decent sleep but you dont want to have to get up and some days you're just looking for a fight to get into. I called a couple of friends,I tried to make some plans, but nothing was going the way I wanted. one friend said she could stay over night and then she changed her mind because she had to go and visit her aunt in the hospital. another friend invited me to stay at her house, but mom said NO! shes such a bitch sometimes. I was so mad so I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door.

I really hate it when mom sais no to me and I get so angry that I dont know what to do. I know I cant always get my way, but she used to give into me of I threw a big enough tantrum and shes not doing that anymore and I dont like it very much...
she doesent yell at me that much any more and I dont like that either. we used to have some really good screaming matches and that always ended up with one of us losing our voices (that was usually me though because I can scream louder and longer lol) so then she called my house and told them to come and get me I couldnt believe it as if she was gonna go and do that like how dare she OMG. so that is my story ladies and gents... hope you like it tune in next week for some more of my young drama xox Des xox